General English

General English

Our General English and Intensive English courses are designed to help students make rapid progress in English, and focus on key English language skills: vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Our Academic team continually reviews the syllabus to ensure our lessons are fresh, modern and relevant to today’s international topics. In class we use the most recent up-to-date editions of textbooks by leading British academic publishers, while our teachers are experienced and very highly-qualified, and include PhD-holders 

OKUL is dedicated to providing English courses of the highest quality since 2015.  Our innovative online teaching methods and highly qualified instructors provide the perfect environment for language improvement. We invite English language learners from around the world to join us for our online classes. 

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What Our Students Have to Say

I came here with zero confidence to this academy but now going out with full of confidence. The credit goes to our faculty, she taught us well.
Fawaz moidu
It was really a good and wonderful experience. It was worth for me to attend the classes where I learnt grammar and sentence formation, it was an easy way of learning English.
The classes are very good and well organised. We are getting individual attention for all classes. The coaching here is planned in such a way that it avoids time wastage.
The course provided was very good. They support a lot in terms of preparing and faculty was really good !
Sundar Muthu
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